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A great place for first-time visitors to start, also has site news. All of the major sluggy characters which are still around. If you're looking for a specific comic, or just like to browse, this is the place for you! Vote for your favorite comic, and most favorite/least favorite character! Write me a letter!
Piecemeal's Sluggy Freelance Fansite

List of Events

08/25/97 Riff tries to summon the devil online
08/31/97 Bun-bun is introduced
09/09/97 Riff tries to replace Bun-bun with Teddy Weddy
09/14/97 Bun-bun and Teddy Weddy face off
09/15/97 Riff tries to summon demons again
09/22/97 Bikini-suicide-frisbee match, featuring ZoŽ
09/29/97 Riff invents dimensional flux agitator
10/04/97 Beamed aboard confederation starship
10/14/97 Aylee's first appearance on starship
10/25/97 Torg, Riff, and Aylee escape back to planet Earth
10/28/97 Sam Sein's Halloween bash
11/02/97 Torg goes to jail
11/07/97 Animal Services picks up Bun-bun
11/12/97 Bun-bun returns to Torg's house
11/16/97 Zoe gets a job working for Dr. Lorna
11/23/97 Find out that Dr. Lorna is Riff's mom
11/25/97 Sam Sein's Halloween Bash
12/01/97 Zombie weekend in the woods
12/15/97 Sam adopts Kiki, a cute talking ferret
12/19/97 Torg goes Christmas Shopping
12/24/97 Bun-bun versus Santa Claus
12/28/97 New Years Eve party, Gwynn is introduced
12/31/97 ZoŽ gets drunk, kisses Torg
01/03/98 Sam sets Torg up on an internet blind date
01/05/98 Torg's blind date with Megababe549
01/11/98 Aylee's first appearance on Earth
01/17/98 Aylee becomes Torg's secretary
01/22/98 Bun-bun and Aylee face off
01/29/98 Ski weekend in Vermont
02/03/98 Bun-bun's affair with Cinny-bun
02/08/98 Sluggy Freelance versus Dilbert
02/10/98 Dr. Lorna's seminar
02/15/98 The Sluggy gang goes skiing
02/16/98 Robotic Torg attends Dr. Lorna's dinner
02/22/98 Torg and Riff paint ZoŽ's apartment
02/26/98 Torg teaches Aylee to drive
03/01/98 The Slug Files (X-Files spoof)
03/23/98 Torg and Riff search for Sam Sein
03/29/98 Meet Valerie, Sam Sein's wife
04/02/98 Torg and Valerie? Say it ain't so!
04/05/98 Kiki moves in with Riff
04/09/98 Riff finishes his robot, Bun-bun steals it
04/27/98 Torg gets zapped to the Dimension of Pain
05/03/98 Story of how the Dimension of Pain came to be
05/10/98 Riff, I think we rescued the wrong Torg.
05/18/98 Two Torgs? It's madness!
05/25/98 Riff's amazing auto translator
06/01/98 ZoŽ fails college. "Would you like fries with that?"
06/04/98 Aylee's female human-like form
06/13/98 ZoŽ's professor meets Doctor Lorna
06/16/98 Aylee goes into hibernation
06/19/98 The Sluggy crew visits the beach
06/22/98 Bun-bun harasses the Amish
06/28/98 The beach, at last! Welcome to Nags Head
07/01/98 Riff and Torg decide to do some crabbing