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A great place for first-time visitors to start, also has site news. All of the major sluggy characters which are still around. If you're looking for a specific comic, or just like to browse, this is the place for you! Vote for your favorite comic, and most favorite/least favorite character! Write me a letter!
Piecemeal's Sluggy Freelance Fansite


Sluggy Freelance is a non-syndicated online comic by Pete Abrams. It has stellar artwork and great jokes, and a large cast of characters including an alien from another dimension and a talking ferret! It's updated every day at 12:15 EST. It's official homepage is located at

If you've never heard of Sluggy before, I recommend you start at the Events section. There, you can pick a comic to start from, and continue for as long as you like. If you can't remember who's who, you might open up the Characters section in another window.

After you've read through the archives, go and vote on your favorite comics and characters! Voice your opinions! Later on, after I get enough feedback, I'll release the results.

And of course, if you want to reach me for any reason, that's what the e-mail button is for.