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A great place for first-time visitors to start, also has site news. All of the major sluggy characters which are still around. If you're looking for a specific comic, or just like to browse, this is the place for you! Vote for your favorite comic, and most favorite/least favorite character! Write me a letter!
Piecemeal's Sluggy Freelance Fansite

Vote Results:

Okay, in case you missed it we had a big poll which ran about 2-3 months, and was used so that I could find out your favorite/least favorite characters, and favorite comics. Here are the results:

Favorite Character

  Votes For Votes Against Overall
ZoŽ 17 1 16.5
Bun-bun 20 7 16.5
Riff 11 0 11
Aylee 11 1 10.5
Kiki 8 1 7.5
Torg 2 1 1.5
Portuguese Torg 1 0 1
Gwynn 0 3 -1.5
Sam 0 15 -7.5
Valerie 0 15 -7.5
Dr. Lorna 0 26 -13

The overall ranking is calculated by taking the votes for a character and subtracting half of the votes against him. If I just subtracted the number of votes against the character from the votes for him, it wouldn't work well. For instance, let's say 10 T.V shows are running for best show ever, and The Simpsons and Oprah are included. If everyone who votes for The Simpsons also votes against Oprah and vice versa, both shows would end up ranked as low as the other shows. This way, they'll still elevate above the other shows which received no votes. It makes sense, trust me.

Favorite Strip/Series

Many people responded saying that "there are too many to choose from" or "I like 'em all", but when you get right down to it, some are just downright better than others. Here are the ones which popped up more than once, next to the number of people who voted for them.

Dimension of Pain series 15 The Slug Files 11 Bun Bun v. Aylee 6
Christmas Special 1997 6 Star trek spoof 5 Vacation at Nags Head 4
Gratuitous Bikini Shot Sunday 4 Robot Rampage 3 "But Riff, you have a mac!" 2
A bad case of crabs 2 RoboRiff 2 Bun Bun Sex Scandal 2
Bun Bun v. Teddy Weddy 2 Aylee as a human female 2 First strip ever 2